Thanks Grandma for having Mark tutor me.  I think I did a good job on the SAT today because of his help.  He has taught me a lot.  Not only that he is a really nice guy.  He is a good friend. -Trenton C.

I have some great news. My math SAT score improved 100 points... I just wanted to say thank u for your help. -Eva F.


Proven Score Improvement

My students consistently see score improvements of at least 100 to 200 points (SAT) or 2-3 points (ACT composite) -- some with as few as six hours' targeted prep.

Score Improvement Guarantee

I commit to my students. 

If Your Student is Scoring Under 1500/20: I guarantee a 1500 (SAT)/20 (ACT) composite score for all students who work with me individually for at least 12 hours (typically eight, 90-minute sessions over two months). I believe that every student is teachable and has the potential to succeed, and I will work with each student (for free if need be) until success is reached.

If Your Student is Scoring 1500-2000/20-29: I guarantee a score improvement of 15 points per hour of tutoring (up to 180 points maximum) on the SAT; on the ACT I guarantee a 3 point improvement (composite score) for any student who works with me for 12 hours.

For High-Scoring Students (2010/30+): I guarantee some improvement in super-scores after six hours of targeted prep.