I charge a flat rate of $150 per 90-minute session. This rate is good for up to three students:

Price per Student, per Hour Price per Student, per 90-Minute Session
Single Student $100 $150
Two Students $50 $75
Three Students (Best Value) $33 $50

What’s Included

This rate includes lesson plans and exercises tailored to each student’s strengths, weaknesses and learning styles. I work closely with each student and each group to cultivate a learning environment that is enjoyable, engaging, and effective.

I believe that students learn better in small groups, and both my pricing and my teaching practice reflects this. Charging the rates that I do allows me to concentrate exclusively on tutoring and researching and understanding the test preparation process. For each hour I spend tutoring, I spend two hours reading, researching, and preparing instructional materials that are tailored to each student or group.